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Because every client has unique objectives, our programs are tailored to fit your culture, your people and your needs.

Build skills, create connections and generate fresh insight with powerful programs

delivered as half- or full-day workshops, retreats and organizational sprints.

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Five Keys to Change Resilience

In today’s disruptive marketplace, change is constant, causing change fatigue that can compromise relationships, impair personal performance and harm business outcomes. However, according to the 2019 Change Lab Workplace Survey, it is the quality of change leadership, rather than the quantity of change, that drains or sustains.

Learn five keys to build change resilience in you and your team and take concrete action to support change agility and reduce change fatigue.



Sustainable Strategies for Peak Performance

Type A's are all in and play full out.  They know the quest for success and the thrill of accomplishment.  For many, success comes at the cost of pressure and burnout that harms health and happiness. 

Type A in a Healthy Way (SM)  is a signature program for high achievers wanting sustainable ways to manage the demands of leadership and personal stress. Our actionable program brings insight and experience to support meaningful workplace accomplishment coupled with personal wholeness. 

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Fuel Purpose and Passion for Employee Engagement

Humans are natural meaning makers.  We ascribe meaning to our experiences--even the mundane--and in the absence of this meaning we decline.  With employee engagement stagnant at 32% for over a decade and millennials, the largest generation of our workforce, driven more by passion than paycheck, making meaning at work is critical for organizations and employees alike.

Discover strategies to leverage the intrinsic value of personhood, perspective, and performance in the workplace.  These intrinsic points of meaning can help boost the bottom line, increase performance, and retain satisfied employees.

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The path to your personal True North

Do you have a drive for more but find yourself stuck in the tyranny of the mundane?  Move from productivity to passion at this renewing program!

Refresh your energy and sense of connection to self and others. Align your vision with your authentic self and your deeply held values. Refine your intentions for the year and beyond.

Explore reasons for the spin cycle we all occasionally find ourselves in and mindfully evaluate the gaps. Identify resources available and set a plan to refine your path forward.

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