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Akins & Associates was founded with a single mission: to activate transformation of the leader's heart through insight and engagement. Our vehicles include leadership and team coaching, workshops, training encounters, and retreats.

My associates and I build on a foundation that combines neuroscience with the research of leadership, learning, change, and human performance technology.  We approach each individual and organization with fresh eyes to introduce unique and actionable strategies.​

Meeting the Staff


I believe that what we do makes a difference. I believe that our passions and personal design are our gift to the world. 

I also know what it is like to bring your all to the game but feel outside our your sweet not quite make the impact that you know you could.

The heartbeat of our work is to free people and organizations to be their best. To honor their design and lead in line with their deepest held values.

We do this by unlocking insight and stirring truth in the hearts and minds of leaders, equipping them to lead from the heart and be more who they are meant to be.


Noelle Akins, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Akins & Associates, has been making meaning in the workplace for 20+ years. She helps leaders prepare, equip and support their people through major organizational change.

As a coach with Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management Coaching Certificate, Noelle helps individuals foster their own brand of personal leadership, creating life-congruence and personal accountability. 

​A licensed professional counselor, certified change management specialist, and a self-diagnosed Type A personality, Noelle has led international learning projects in Germany, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Ethiopia.  With an emphasis on organizational alignment, learning and change management she has served clients in higher ed, R&D, manufacturing, services and medical sectors.

Noelle has spoken at national conference events for Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD), the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and the regional Project Management Institute of Central Ohio as well as presenting custom engagements for Fortune 500  companies.

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